Computers & co


  • katarina (A backup system)
  • Mailscore (A postfix policy daemon to limit relay)
  • phpShareFiles (Share large files through web)
  • Olbookmarks (Online bookmarks manager)
  • Webchecker (a tool to monitor web pages automatically)
  • gtkpasman (passwords manager for administrators)
  • rssfeed2mail (aggregates rss feeds and sends articles to an email account)
  • brouzoufs (personal comptability. In french only for the moment)
  • myScronch (php+database web tamagotchi generator)
  • phpSpamNuke (Honey pot for email addresses in web pages stupid sucker bots)
  • gtkcoolticker (a central informations displayer)
  • htmlgallery (generates mini pictures galleries)
  • Maurice (Maurice is a smart perl jabber bot)
  • MauriceIRC (MauriceIRC is a smart perl IRC bot)
  • *alacon (tools 'à la con')


Docs, howtos


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