Irssi+screen remote growl notifier

remotegrowl : an irssi perl script (plugin)

It sends notifications (queries/hilights) to a remote growl host. It can be a predifined host are also be the one you are connecting from and attaching to the irssi screen.

Growl is a powerfull notification system for MacOSX.

First of all you have to have growl installed and have to enable remote growl notifications: see system preferences, growl, network and check “incoming notifications”, “allow register of remote applications” and set a password.

Notifications are sent to the defaults host. See:


Set theses values according to the settings defined before.

If you choose to report notification to the host you use to connect to your irssi host using screen, you should set remotegrowl_screenspy = 1 and launch a screen with a name like this :

screen -S irc1

then launch irssi in this screen and set remotegrowl_screenname to 'irc1' the remotegrowl plugin will then :

  • send notifications to the default host if screen is detached
  • send notifications to the connected host if screen is attached be aware that remotegrowl_port should be opened or redirected to your host (nat) if you really wish to receive them

Blacklist private messages nicks can be added to remotegrowl_private_blacklist like :

 /set remotegrowl_private_blacklist jdoe
 /set remotegrowl_private_blacklist jdoe|nagios|twitter

You can check the current server used for notifications with :


remotegrowl is ipv6 ready :-p

Here is the script.


  • 1.4 cvs1.14 give channel name for public messages
  • 1.3 cvs1.13 blacklist private messages from nicks
  • 1.2 cvs1.12 awfull hack to handle correct ipv6 connection from inside linux vservers
  • 1.1 cvs1.9 /remotegrowl command to display current server
  • 1.0 cvs1.6 ipv6 ready
  • 0.3 cvs1.3 Update to take care of recent screen pts handling
  • 0.2 cvs1.2 Initial release
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