What is it?

A set of perl scripts and modules to handle an irc bot. The bot is able to answer to “commands”, and respond to speeches in conversations on a chat. You can also talk to him in private… If you really have time to do it…

What is needed?

  • perl
  • NET::IRC module
  • (an available nickname on an IRC server)

What is provided?

The bot itself, a few modules and a few fortune files (mostly french) as examples.

How does it work?

User help : Commands start with “!”; use :


to get commands list, and

!help command

to get a specific help.

As Maurice's boss (defined in the configuration file) you can reload modules using a notice :

/notice maurice !reload

and tell the bot to quit properly :

/notice maurice !quit


You can add your own modules to handle specific set of commands.

  • Simply add a library in modules/ using (for example: arvimod)
  • Rename the package like the .pm file (ex: modules::arvimod)
  • Rename the madulename also (“arvimod”)

Add a new bloc in commands.conf, for example:

  arvi => {
      help => "!arvi: Says hello in savoyard",
      regexp => "^!arvi",
      module => "arvimod",
      cmd => "cmd1"

Becare of the syntax, or all modules may fail.

Relaunch maurice or reload modules (cf supra)

You can also use fortunes. A module already exists, see existing modules to get inspired.

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