Linux kernel patches

A few patches to apply against Linux kernel sources.

linux-2.4.17-sparc64-poweroff patch

This is a linux 2.4 kernel patch for SBus UltraSparc units that don't handle correctly poweroff. See linux-2.4.17-sparc64-poweroff.README file.

(Nb: this patch has been included in 2.4.20)


This is not a patch but a readme to guide you in kernel patching to allow use of USB scsi disks emulation and communicate with a Sony DSC-P5.

(Nb: this modification has been included in 2.4.9)

Tux 2.0 Handling parameters patch

This is a simple patch to allow Tux (Linux kernel http server) to handle Url with parameters (?parm=1&parm=2) without passing them to a backend.

This has been discussed in tux-list.

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